PFSCM Lifesaving health supplies reach patients despite pre-electoral violence

Photo NIYONIZIGIYE Jean Claude

Pictured: Jean Claude Niyonizigiye, HIV supervisor in the sanitary district, south zone of Bujumbura, showcasing products that fight against HIV.

How can people living with HIV/AIDS continue to get the life-saving medical supplies they need in a country undergoing political unrest?  Thanks to the preparedness of the Supply Chain Management System (SCMS) and its partners in Burundi, operating under such unstable conditions barely affected the availability of and access to supplies for much-needed treatment.

Civil unrest erupted in Burundi on April 26, 2015, just before the elections, and political tensions continue to this day. Due to protests, as well as ambushes, assassinations, and a thwarted coup d’état, most parts of the city have been inaccessible.

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